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Wanna Trip?

Round-Trip Transport To Must-See Hotspots!

Round-Trip Transport

Budget Friendly


Adventure Guaranteed

Kuranda Wanna Trip Wanna Stay

30% OFF

Book a bed with Wanna Stay and get 30% OFF all transport! If you already have a booking with us you will have received an email with your discount code! If not, or you Wanna Stay let us know!

Unlock The Unique Treasures Of Must-See Hotspots With Wanna Trip, Where Affordable Transport Leads You To Unforgettable Hikes, Waterfalls, Swimming Holes Or Local Markets.


Locations Wanna Trip

Chose what location suits your mood, with 6 incredible spots available 

Babinda Boulders Wanna Trip Wanna Stay

$36 - Round Trip

Babinda Boulders

Swim amongst ancient boulders in crystal-clear waters, bask in the sun, enjoy a BBQ, or stroll through lush greenery at Babinda Boulders – your perfect day awaits.


$36 - Round Trip

Crystal Cascades

Discover Crystal Cascades' sparkling waterfalls and serene swimming holes nestled in a lush tropical rainforest – a true hidden gem and definatly not to be missed!


$36 - Round Trip

Lake Eacham

Dive into Lake Eacham's inviting blue waters, relax in serene natural surroundings, have a BBQ or explore the vibrant trails – an idyllic day of leisure and discovery, your way


$36 - Round Trip

Windin Falls

Embark on an adventurous hike to Windin Falls, where breathtaking views and cascading waters reward your journey through the wild to the summit of a giant waterfall.


$36 - Round Trip

Kuranda & Barron Falls

Explore Kuranda's enchanting rainforest, vibrant markets, and unique wildlife – a day filled with cultural and natural wonders and don't miss our photography stop at Barron Falls


$36 - Round Trip

Behana Gorge

Experience the beauty of Behana Gorge by hiking to its stunning waterfalls and multiple crystal-clear pools, set amidst a backdrop of lush rainforest and wildlife.

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