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Connect & Create: Unique Activity Sessions

Mealtime Meetups

Budget Friendly


Taste Guaranteed


Immerse yourself in the ultimate backpacking experience at Wanna Stay, where you can enjoy sumptuous breakfasts, connect with fellow travellers at our coffee club, and unwind at our Grill & Chill Sunset BBQ, ensuring every moment is an adventure - remember, secure your bed to join the fun, or reserve below if you haven't already.

Breakfast & Banter: Kick Off Your Day With Tasty Eats And Lively Chats, The Perfect Start For Energetic Souls.

Bonding Bites

Events On

All our events are designed to foster new friendships or reconnect with old ones, whether it's sharing light bites or creating your own meals together - please keep allergies and dietary preferences in mind, and kindly inform reception in advance for any necessary accommodations.

Sun ~ Breakfast Buffet: 9am-11am ~ Dining Room

Tues ~ Coffee Club: 12pm-1pm ~ Games Room

Thurs ~ Grill & Chill Sunset BBQ: 4pm ~ Esplanade

(Meet at reception at 3:45)

Our event days can change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances so please keep an eye out on this page or our IG for updates

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