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Job Hunting in Cairns: A Backpacker's Guide to Getting Hired


Alright, job-seeking jetsetters and work-hungry wanderers! 🌍💼 Ready to trade your beach towel for a briefcase (sort of) in Cairns? If you're on the prowl for work in this tropical paradise, forget cold emails and LinkedIn spam. Cairns is all about that personal touch – think face-to-face charm, not digital winks. Let's dive into some top tips for securing work in Cairns, where a smile and a handshake still go a long way.

1. Pound the Pavement: The Face-to-Face Factor

In Cairns, it's all about showing up in person. Stroll into stores, cafes, and bars – but time it right! Avoid busy hours like lunchtime at a cafe unless you want to be remembered as 'that annoying person who came in during the rush.'

2. Dress to Impress (or at Least to Get Hired)

When you're job hunting, dress like you're ready to start work then and there. You might just snag an on-the-spot trial or interview. Think 'casual chic' – like you're going to a barbecue hosted by someone you want to impress.

3. Flexibility is Your New Best Friend

Be as flexible as a yoga instructor when it comes to work hours. No one's going to hire someone who's only available every third Thursday when there's a full moon. Show you're willing to work with their schedule, not just your own.

4. Attitude Over Skills

Skills are great, but a can-do attitude is your golden ticket. If you don't know how to do something, just say, "I haven't done that yet, but I'm a quick learner!" Then, actually be that quick learner.

5. CV in Hand, Aim for the Boss

Always have your CV ready and ask to speak directly to the manager or hiring person. If they're not there, don't just leave your CV with anyone – it might end up as a coaster. Find out when you can catch the boss and be there, early and eager.


Job hunting in Cairns can be as fun as it is challenging. Remember, it's all about making connections, showing enthusiasm, and being ready for anything. And while you're on the hunt, Wanna Stay offers great weekly rates and a homely atmosphere for long-term stays. It's the perfect base for both your job search and your new working life in Cairns. With Wanna Stay, you're not just getting a bed; you're getting a community that supports your employment journey. So, suit up (figuratively), smile big, and get out there – your next job adventure in Cairns awaits!


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