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Setting Up Down Under: The Working Holiday Starter Pack


Welcome to Australia, land of kangaroos, killer surf, and a bewildering array of accents! 🦘🌊 If you've just landed with a working holiday visa in your hot little hand, it's time to get set up. But fear not, intrepid backpacker! I'm here to guide you through the bare essentials of setting up shop in Oz. Let's get you sorted faster than you can say "throw another shrimp on the barbie"!

1. Open a Bank Account

First things first, you need a place to stash your soon-to-be-earned Aussie dollars. Opening a bank account in Australia is as essential as sunscreen on a scorching day. Check out Commonwealth Bank or Westpac for easy options that cater to backpackers and travelers. Bonus Tip: We reccdomend to get yourself a Revolut account. This travel card can transfer money into most currencies and also allows you to use the card all over the world without setting up new banks. You can even give these details to your family back home for if they want to send you money and then withdraw it in Aussie Dollars! Join using the link above and recieve a cash bonus from $50AUD

2. Get a Local SIM Card

Stay connected with a local SIM card. It's like a lifeline back to civilization (and great for Instagramming those beach pics). Companies like Telstra and Optus offer great coverage and deals for travelers.

3. Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN)

Unless you enjoy giving your hard-earned cash to the taxman, you'll need a Tax File Number. It's your ticket to paying the right amount of tax (and not a cent more). Apply online at the Australian Taxation Office.

4. Medicare: Your Health Lifeline

If you're from a country with a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia, sign up for Medicare. It's like having a health guardian angel on your shoulder. Visit the Medicare website for more info.

5. Polish That CV/Resume

Last but not least, get your CV in tip-top shape. You're competing with a legion of fellow backpackers for jobs, so make yours stand out. Need help? Check out Seek's Resume Advice – ensuring it stands out from the crowd and puts you in the best spot for snagging that perfect job.


Armed with these five essential steps, you're all set to kickstart your working holiday in Australia. Remember, it's not just about the setup; it's about immersing yourself in the Aussie way of life. And for that, places like Wanna Stay Hostel are more than just a bed; they're a gateway to new experiences, friendships, and invaluable local insights. So, get your essentials sorted, and dive into the adventure that awaits in the Land Down Under!


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